Meteorology focuses on the structure and dynamics of the Earth's atmosphere, the most rapidly changing of the Earth's environmental spheres. Weather-related events and catastrophes seem to be increasingly making front page news. Although emphasis is placed on understanding fundamentals, we take time to examine the generative processes of severe weather: hurricanes, tornadoes, and other severe storms. Optical phenomena such as red suns, blue moons, green flashes, and Northern lights are investigated. Our studies of the atmosphere build a foundation for understanding the dynamics that generate our weather and these weather events.

Our approach to meteorology places a special emphasis on the unique characteristics of the weather and climate of Sonoma County, the San Francisco Bay Region, and California as a whole. The role of weather in the geography of viticulture, agriculture, and industry is examined. The microclimates of the region are explored and explained in terms of the broader weather patterns and processes of the region.

The meteorology instructional staff are all involved in the industry in some capacity, including meteorology research, television broadcast, and aviation services. Included in our facilities in Lark Hall is a fully functioning National Weather Service quality weather station.

Meteorology at SRJC is a vital subject and building block for students with a wide range of interests. Our courses are the first steps toward a career in the field of Meteorology; the demand for Certified and Broadcast Meteorologists has never been greater. Students interested in careers in the Earth Sciences or any subject that involves field work should study basic meteorology. Many students study meteorology simply to broaden their understanding of the world around them. In addition, meteorology satisfies a requirement for the Aeronautical & Aviation Technology degree certificate and is a key subject for all students interested in a career in any transportation-related industry.

At Santa Rosa Junior College, we offer the following Meteorology courses:

Meteorology 10 (Introduction to Meteorology)

An introductory course using a descriptive, nonmathematical approach to developing an understanding of the dynamics of the atmosphere.

Meteorology 10L (Weather Analysis Forecasting and Climatology Lab)

Supporting laboratory component to METRO 10, this course provides a hands-on approach to interpreting the dynamics of the Earth's atmosphere.



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