The Astronomy discipline uses 8" and 10" telescopes in labs and field courses. The department also has one 12", one 14", and one 16" telescope. Housed in the department is a growing meteorite collection, including iron, stony iron, and stony meteorites. We are one of seven schools in the United States with an Amateur Radio for the International Space Station (ARISS) communication link to the International Space Station.

The Geography and Meteorology disciplines have an extensive collection of maps, student globes, models, and other experimental equipment, along with a National Weather Service quality weather station.

The Geology discipline has an on-site seismograph recording earthquake waves from the area around Cloverdale, California. Extensive museum-quality rock and mineral collections are organized and maintained by SRJC's Geology Club. The department has a functioning thin section lab, including rock saws and polishing equipment.

Pepperwood Preserve

Earth and Space Science classes use this 3,000-acre private nature preserve for a variety of classes and club events. The preserve offers a fascinating view of the complex geological setting surrounding SRJC, and provides an unobstructed view of the sky. For more information about the Pepperwood Preserve, see the listing in our "Links" section.


SRJC's Planetarium offers both grade school shows as well as shows for the general public. Public shows on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays introduce the audience to various aspects of the Universe. The first Friday night of each month, the Planetarium features a description of the current night sky. For more information about the Planetarium, including the current schedule, see the listing in our "Links" section.